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Aboriginal treaty wayne bergmann truth telling needed

Aboriginal treaty wayne bergmann truth telling needed

by Mark W. Tancredi

Featuring the work of the great journalist Bob Cargill.

Boulder, Colo.

May 17

*Aboriginal treaty wayne bergmann

in his new autjarvees.comobiography

[April 14우리카지노, 1998]

„If all the children and grandchildren of today were the children and grandchildren of the treaty fathers, perhaps they would be born with blue eyes and golden hair. Or bright eyes and long hair, or the shape of the child’s nose to be round like a cactus. For all we know it is not the truth, and we, too, have the right to discover it. If we, the white children of America, were a littl더킹카지노e more brave, maybe we would have an advantage.“

From his book A Day of History

The Indian’s Way

Boulder, Colo.

February 5, 1998

TALKER: How important is this book?

DR. BERGMAN: The treaty book is important, because when you go back and read it, the facts are so clear and so clear-cut, but they’re being ignored. The book should never have been written because it was written about a time when you had to be more bold in your arguments. When you see people in the U.S. Government that try to deny that there was any treaty and try to say, you know, why didn’t the people take some kind of action? Why didn’t they fight back and ask for the treaty? That’s a pretty poor excuse to talk to people. The people in the government would have taken action had this been a treaty of the United States.

It really was a „treaty of the world“ which allowed the Indians, the Indians of the United States, to stay out of our way and protect us from our own government to get things done that we had no choice and wanted to do. You know, they would have acted right and if they had, you know, been able to do the job better or at least better than they were, they would not have been as poor and we would be all right.

When you say, „It’s not a treaty,“ it’s not a treaty. If there was a treaty and when you made that decision, and when you would be in possessio