Stocco fugitives charged with range of offences including murder

Stocco fugitives charged with range of offences including murder

Tributes to ‚a genuine hero‘ who died in action near London

Former soldier’s widow says her husband fought for ‚honour‘

„He never gave up. He was a man who lived for the sake of the man and his land, not for the sake of someone else’s money.“

Police said they were considering charging a fifth man and a number of men.

The last British soldier to die fighting in Afghanistan was a 22-year-old called Chris „Chris“ Taylor, who died in December, 2004.

He was found slumped in a ditch after he had been shot five times and taken hostage.

The Afghan man who took him hostage was shot by an American Ranger.

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During his two-year deployment in Helmand, Chr바카라is Taylo우리카지노r was said to바카라 have survived several ambushes and three Taliban attacks.

Image caption An Australian soldier, Lee Smith, died after taking a bomb to the British outpost

He was among several British military personnel and former British military officers who deserted the army in a bid to defend the country and establish peace between rival ethnic tribes.

But as the Taliban swept through the areas they controlled, Chris disappeared.

He was not seen again until the US troops returned to bases near Kandahar.

After another search, US and Afghan forces recovered three other British soldiers – two 23-year-olds and a 24-year-old.

They were handed over to British police who announced they were in talks to return their bodies.